Dear Members,

Thank you to all Members and their guests who have supported our restaurants & sporting facilities during the past financial year and especially all the staff and management for their dedication and commitment.

We anticipate the turnover of Kelvin Grove to be down from the previous financial year. Contributing factors are the economy that seemingly sank into technical recession in the fourth quarter of last year as well as the unprecedented rolling blackouts by Eskom.

On a positive note, the number of resignations by Members over the last 2 years has declined. Over the past year a greater emphasis has been placed on encouraging younger members and families to utilize the facilities of Kelvin Grove with the Barn becoming more “child friendly” and the upgrading of the children’s play area next to the pool.

There have been a number of staff movements in the last quarter:

Ceredwyn Nortje – appointed as new Gym Floor Supervisor

Rehan Goliath – joined as General Assistant in the Maintenance Team

Yusuf Willenberg (Carpenter), who was part of the Maintenance Team, retired on the 31 December 2019 after serving the Club for 23 years and wish him all the best in his retirement.

Tatum Campher (Purchasing admin) is expecting her second child and resigned after 6 years

Robyn Smith has resigned after working 5 years in the Pastry Kitchen

The Club continues to strive to be the Club of choice, offering many benefits to members including preferential rates when booking functions; reciprocal arrangements with more than 50 Clubs around the world, the Little Grove Kids Club and complimentary birthday treats for all club Members.

At present we receive weekly reports from our neighbour’s WPCA, regarding their development and the upgrade of the entrance to Kelvin Grove and are hopeful this will commence soon. It also appears that this will be the last year we will see the Stormers in action at Newlands and we wish them all the best for the 2020 season.

Your Sincerely,
Peter Blanckenberg