Prefunding FAQ’s2020-08-19T14:13:16+02:00
What is pre-funding?2020-08-17T17:20:22+02:00

Pre-funding means that a Member must have a credit in their pre-funded account to transact at all outlets.

How do I benefit if I pre-fund my account?2020-08-17T17:20:08+02:00

The pre-funding of Members Club Accounts will enable Members to enjoy a discount on all beverage purchases in the restaurant outlets (excluding Tea/Coffee). The current discount will be 10%.

When will the discount on beverage purchases take place?2020-08-17T17:19:50+02:00

The discount will be applied when the chit is closed off to your pre-funded account.

How much do I need to pre-fund my account with?2020-08-17T17:19:33+02:00

Your pre-funded account must contain sufficient funds to cover your intended purchase.

What is the minimum amount that I can pre-fund?2020-08-17T17:19:07+02:00

There is no minimum amount, provided that there are sufficient funds to make a purchase in the restaurant outlet from the pre-funded account.

Why is the Club doing this?2020-08-17T17:18:43+02:00

To create a 2-tier pricing structure, where members pay lower beverage prices than guests and functions

What happens if I arrive at the Club and there is no money in my account?2020-08-17T17:18:26+02:00

Simply top up your pre-funded account from your debit/credit card. The amount can be the amount that you anticipate spending.

How do I put money in my account?2020-08-17T17:18:13+02:00

Hand your membership card and debit/credit card to a Receptionist or F&B staff member and inform them how much to add to your pre-funded account. Alternatively, you can use the online payment portal to pay funds into your account which will reflect within 2 hours. One can pay funds into your account via EFT, but please remember this can take up to 5 business days to reflect in your account.

What happens to money left in my account, do I earn any interest on that amount?2020-08-17T17:17:56+02:00

No interest will be earned on credit balances.

I intend on having a function at the Club, do I need to pre-fund with the anticipated amount the function is going to cost?2020-08-17T17:16:50+02:00

The Club will require all member functions to be pre-funded. Functions will provide a pro-forma invoiced to be settled prior to the function held at the Club.

How does it work if I book for a Club event?2020-08-17T17:16:33+02:00

A Club event will be booked as usual. The event will be billed on the day/night of the event on the Point of Sale, together with the bar bill. This bill will either be settled to the Member’s pre-funded account or by debit/credit card. However, the beverage bill will be discounted if settled to the pre-funded account. The Member’s pre-funded account can be topped up prior to arrival or at the event.

Does pre-funding apply to Country, non-resident, and overseas Members?2020-08-17T17:16:08+02:00

Yes, the pre-funded account will apply to all members including country, non-resident, and overseas members. However, you will not be obligated to have funds in the account at all times and are welcome to top-up the account on arrival at the Club.

Anything else that I need to know?2020-08-17T17:15:49+02:00

All members will be required to produce their membership card to initiate any purchase or pay for the transaction with a debit/credit card.