809, 2021

Tennis Court Maintenance

8 September 2021|

Tennis court maintenance update The high pressure cleaning of courts 7-11 commenced on Monday 30th August as per schedule and is going according to plan.  You will notice in addition to the courts, the practice area has also been high pressure cleaned as well the as the alley between


Spring 2020 (Edition 88)

Chairman's Column Dear Fellow Members Most South Africans believed President Cyril Ramaphosa`s March 26th announcement that the country would go into lockdown for three weeks was a very temporary interruption

Winter 2020 Newsletter (Edition 87)

CHAIRMAN'S COLUMN Dear Members, We are now in what are extraordinary times for our nation and the world at large, following the outbreak and spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s initial decision

Autumn Newsletter (Edition 86)

Dear Members, Thank you to all Members and their guests who have supported our restaurants & sporting facilities during the past financial year and especially all the staff and management for their dedication and commitment.

Summer Newsletter (Edition 85)

Dear Members, We can be extremely proud to have such a beautiful Club – our gardens are looking pristine, each sporting section is growing and attracting new members. Our Bowlers have been very successful with