Social bridge is played every Monday and Friday afternoon from 2-5 pm.

Social bridge is played on Mondays and Fridays from 13h30 to 17h00 in the Library upstairs. On cold winter days there is a cosy fire to keep you warm and in the summer a very efficient air conditioner keeps the temperature at a comfortable level. Added to this, the ever willing Coffee Shop waitresses take orders for refreshments such as fresh fruit juice, minerals, tea, coffee or something “stronger’’ and, of course, delicious eats.

You need not bring a partner, nor should you feel obliged to come every week. You may find that you only want to play once or twice a month. Whatever you decide, you are more than welcome. Post mortems and criticism are strongly discouraged and if you are bad tempered, you will certainly not be welcome.

Rubber bridge has at least been discontinued and the BODD or BONE scoring system is now used, which is the system favored by millions of bridge players all over the world. The standard of bridge is medium to strong. Unfortunately, beginners are not catered for. There is no charge but as the stakes are 10c per 100 points, you will need to bring a few cents with you. Score sheets (but not pens or pencils) are provided.

Remember, there is no commitment, so do pay a visit to the social bridge at Kelvin when you are at a loose end on a Monday or Friday afternoon. You may be pleasantly surprised. We look forward to seeing you this year. For more information on bridge, contact Daphne Hawkins on 021 686 7991 or 072 358 4280.