Dear Members,

Kelvin Grove Club has been affected negatively by the lockdown, as with all other institutions in the hospitality industry.

Whilst we were excited to inform you of the re-opening of the eat-in/sit-down restaurants at the Club, as announced by the President on Wednesday 17 June 2020, we unfortunately expected to hear the date and rules for opening soon after the President’s speech. Sadly the government has still not announced the date and rules. We apologize for being too proactive in our approach. As soon as we receive confirmation of the date and rules for re-opening, we will communicate to all the members.

We further request all members to please be considerate and understanding when the Club re-opens and kindly be patient and friendly to the staff, as this is a trying time for all. To re-open a Club the size of Kelvin Grove is not easy and the management and staff are doing everything they can to make the reopening as flawless as possible. We kindly request that you keep in mind the Club’s core values being Respect, Open & Honest Communication, Teamwork, and Accountability.

Finally, your Club needs your support and we are eagerly waiting to welcome you back to the Club.